From the streets to graduating high school!

This week we finally had a chance to celebrate Carlo and Patrick's graduation from high school! When we first met these two kids 11 years ago, fending for themselves and living on the streets with hardly any desire to study, it was almost impossible to imagine this day would come. Carlo had never been to school and Patrick had only finished 2nd grade. It took the next 3-4 years for them to really have hope that God has a great plan for their lives and to trust Him to help them get serious about studying. It was not an easy journey, with seasons of dropping out or coming very close, with several failed ALS exam attempts and other hard life challenges. But they persevered and last week finally received their high school diplomas!

Since any kind of formal graduation ceremony was banned, and all resorts or other event places are still closed, we decided to celebrate and honor them in-house as best we could! After a fun activity of making memory books for them as a group, we heard their testimonies of how God brought them from life on the streets to a thriving life with Him and on track towards a bright future. We ceremoniously handed them their diplomas put medals around their necks, all while they donned homemade graduation hats all in good fun with lots of laughs. Of course everyone's favorite part was a buffet meal with cakes for dessert, thanks to a local partner!

Please pray for both Carlo and Patrick as they are trying to navigate the next steps toward their future. Both boys would like to go to college, so please pray for provision for that and for wisdom in pursuing their education, since covid restrictions have made everything more difficult.

Thank you to everyone whose prayers and support helps us help kids like Carlo and Patrick!