Covid Happenings

The Covid-19 crisis has hit the Philippines just like the rest of the world. We were ordered on strict lockdown starting March 16, and the spread of the virus has seemingly slowed somewhat, praise God! Since our kids can't leave the house, our staff has been very creative in coming up with fun and educational activities for them. Days are filled with art class, cooking class, sewing class (making masks), reading and math practice, Purpose-Driven Life devotional activities, and of course lots of basketball, checkers, chess, Wii, puzzles, and Skip-Bo games! Many thanks again to our partners who have donated materials and games to make this all possible. We are also very thankful for continued financial support which allows us to keep paying our hard-working staff through this crisis.

During the lockdown, so far we have also celebrated Brand New Day's 11th Anniversary, as well as AF's birthday!  Every child's first birthday as part of the BND family is a huge celebration. We are so thankful for all the ways God has changed and renewed AF since joining us 11 months ago!

Relief operation is in the works, stay tuned!