BND Building Project: The Need

The Need

Brand New Day has been reaching out to street children in Cavite for over eleven years, in order to provide programs to encourage them off the streets, extend the invitation for the Lord’s transformation in their lives, and get them back on track towards a bright future through education.  In addition to providing tutorials, scholarships and other family assistance, in 2014, BND opened two residential shelters for youth from the street who had no other safe place to live while wanting to study and grow spiritually.  As BND has been developing our residential program over the past six years, we have increasingly realized that to be more effective in truly helping vulnerable youth on the streets, we need our own facility for the following reasons.

1) We want to cater to more youth than our current capacity of only ten boys and four girls.  (Rental homes that would accommodate large numbers of children in our area are either not available or inside exclusive subdivisions that prohibit group homes.)

2) We need a more secure facility, especially as we take in children and youth who possibly come from addictive situations or who may need protection from unwanted or harmful visitors.

3) We need to facilitate various types of play and recreational therapy as means to rehabilitate the youth, through a basketball court, playing field, and playground.

4) We need facilities to provide kids straight off the street with in-house tutorial programs for a period of time before they are ready to integrate into public school. Many kids need basic literacy programs and others need ALS or PEPT preparation so that they can eventually enter a grade more appropriate to their age.

5) We want to offer tutorial programs and educational resources such as a library and computers to help our at-risk scholars from the community also be successful in their education, as a means to reach more kids with the gospel.

6) We see that it will be beneficial to our ministry to provide guest housing, not only for small income generation but to provide opportunities for interns and visitors to be oriented to the ministry in order to help and advocate for street children and for the ministry.

7) We would like to grow some of our own food for the residential homes through gardening and raising chickens or potentially other livestock.  Our goal is to make our facilities as environmentally-friendly and sustainable as possible, while maintaining high-quality structures.

8) A church planted by BND’s ministry, which reaches out to at-risk families, would also benefit from our campus.  We would like to explore the possibility of inviting the church to utilize BND’s classrooms and multi-purpose hall on Sundays.

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