BND Building Project: Phase 1 Complete!

After more than three years of praying, searching, and raising funds, God led the Brand New Day team to a ideal lot of land in Silang. The lot is approximately 5,400 square meters (1.34 acres) in size, accessed by a narrow cemented road. The land is abundant with coconut, lansones, jackfruit, soursop, and santol trees.

Our vision is for the front half of the rectangular lot to be for the community-accessible areas, including a full basketball court, playing field, playground, and multi-purpose building. The back-half of the property will be for the shelter homes and garden areas.

Here's an account of how Phase 1 of our Building Project was completed!

February 2018 - BND team visits a beautiful 5400 sqm (1.34 acre) piece of land in Silang, Cavite and decides to begin praying if this is "the one".

September 2018 - After months of praying and considering, BND decides to acquire the land, makes an agreement with the seller, and makes the first payment.

August 2019 - Final payment is made to acquire the land.

September 2019 - A small construction crew is hired to renovate two half-built houses already on the land to make them livable.

December 2019 - The Laroza family and our Independent-Living older boys move into the two small homes on the property. Since then they have been faithfully maintaining and securing the land.

June 2020 - A few generous donations in the past few months allow us to make some more progress. Once covid restrictions are lifted, we hire a local contractor to build our boundary wall for the land. This is a necessary step in the Philippines, to ensure our land is a safe and secure place.

September 2020 - The boundary wall and gates are finished! Our land is now secured and we can even have some activities for the kids on the land, even though it's still rustic. We are now finalizing plans and raising funds to start construction on our first shelter building!

March 2021 - The past few months we've been able to make some small improvements on the land. We built a small outdoor kitchen to use for activities with the kids, installed some solar lights for security, and made some improvements on our gates.

Phase 1 is now complete!

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Brand New Day Building Fund

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BND Building Project Page